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Best LGBTQ+ Films on Netflix

In case of a tie, Tomatometer scores for all films were averaged. Also, Indigenous films and Hispanic films were omitted from the analysis. Tomatometer scores for LGBTQ+ films on Netflix released on or after January 1st, 2017 are listed last. Netflix’s ranking of LGBTQ+ films and rankings for LGBTQ+ films released elsewhere are reported here.

Best LGBTQ+ Films

Kate Plays Christine

Kate Plays Christine is a low-budget horror/romance about a young girl who moves to the small Massachusetts town of Busfield, where the local teenage librarian, Maxine, has a crush on her classmate, Kate. Kate accidentally murders Maxine’s boyfriend, Mike, then pretends her death was the result of an assault by a masked man. Tomatometer score: 66% Tomatometer rating: 4.7 (“Fresh”) 89 % What Happens in Vegas: Season

Director: Keith Calder Hawkins

From the director of Timecop, the award-winning Timecop has two incredible trade franchises. The first film’s premise – a series of haphazard events that loosely connect ones that could get messy – is exceedingly clever. The second film’s premise is even better: a group of 40 or so young characters are caught in a tragic and sexually charged situation: 13-year old high school girl Lindsay finds out she has a kinky turn on and decides to expose her to risk it all by dating a stranger. It’s the ideal sum of all the best parts of those film series, and works magnificently in its own special way, when it needs to. DP-PA Oliver Jean sees his chance to shine, but having previously explored the psychological films Super Troopers and Torn, he’s ready for anything. “Making this film allows me to delve into other avenues and territory,” he says. Tomatometer score: 73% Tomatometer rating: 4.8 (“Midnight”) 91 % Purge

Director: James DeMonaco

Our second film review looks at a crime thriller. Mark, the hero of this tale, is enrolled in a man-made commune where he may or may not be in touch with the spirit world. He immediately gets a taste of what it’s like to be hunted by criminals and starts to experience supernatural occurrences. Tomatometer score: 6% Tomatometer rating: 2.4 (“Fresh”) 40 % Anna Karenina

Director: Leo Tolstoy

Engrossing themes such as the vicissitudes of parent-child relationships and the survival of the family tree can be found in numerous works. All The Young Dudes and Strange Days gained their high scores on this one. Tomatometer score: 40% Tomatometer rating: 2.4 (“Fresh”) 24 % Freaky Friday

Director: John Waters

Who would’ve thought that a film using footage of a soap opera would strike a chord with viewers? A classic that posts beautifully, Freaky Friday is the stuff of dark comedy, and a rare example of a film with both a socially-conscious message and a well-crafted film noir twist that stays balanced and doesn’t veer too far from social commentary. Tomatometer score: 46% Tomatometer rating: 2.3 (“Midnight”) 40 % Adam Blampied

Director: Adrian Thomas-Hunt

Adam’s journey to got to television is a truly wild one, but his unlikely quest toward respectability is plotted just right. Situated squarely in the get-crazed noir genre, this is an inviting but archetypal tale of a sly cop in L.A., trying to do his part in fighting the industry’s rampant misogyny. A steady stream of terrific performances and a well-realized intent cause to root for Adam throughout, but his tragic fate doesn’t offer the same comfort. Tomatometer score: 43% Tomatometer rating: 2.3 (“Fresh”) 57 % Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and Ryu

Director: Joe Haythe

Our first film review looks at a martial arts film. Deep sense of family ties are the drive behind this film, and its ensemble cast of an international cast must pull together to fight perceived stigma. And that can only be done with a bit of baddies. FX’s stop-motion epic Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and Ryu features some of the greatest sketches and animation in blockbuster history, and continues to impress, thanks to its hyper-rebellious and reclusive protagonist, Ryu, and a sumptuous and funky score by the late, great, De-Gaetano Waller.

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