Messaging Apps

Gay Apps

Gay apps are a type of mobile application that are specifically designed for the LGBTI+ community. These apps can serve a variety of purposes, including helping people find and connect with potential romantic partners, meet up with other members of the LGBTI+ community, find and attend LGBTI+ events and parties, and access resources and support. One of the most well-known …

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Online Dating

Safety Tips About Gay Online Dating Sites

Online dating can be a great way to connect with other LGBTI+ individuals, but it’s important to be aware of the risks that come with it and to take steps to protect yourself. Here are some tips for staying safe while using gay online dating sites: Use a reputable site: Choose a site that has a good reputation and is …

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Myths About Non-binary People

What Does Non-Binary Mean?

Non-binary is a term used to describe a gender identity that falls outside of the traditional gender binary of male and female. Non-binary individuals may identify as a mix of both genders, as no gender, or as a gender that is different from male or female. There is a wide range of non-binary gender identities, and each person’s experience is …

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Asexual Flag

What Is Asexual?

Asexuality is a sexual orientation that refers to a lack of sexual attraction to any gender. Asexual people, also known as “aces,” do not experience sexual attraction, but they may still have romantic and emotional relationships with others. Asexuality is a valid and important aspect of the LGBTI+ community, and it is an increasingly recognized and understood identity. It is …

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Pansexual Flag

What Is Pansexual?

Pansexuality is a sexual orientation that refers to the attraction to people of any gender or identity. Pansexual people are attracted to individuals regardless of their gender identity, and they do not place limitations on who they can form romantic or sexual relationships with. Pansexuality is often misunderstood or conflated with bisexuality, which refers to attraction to people of two …

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Drag Queen

What Is A Drag Queen?

A drag queen is a person, usually a man, who performs in a highly stylized and exaggerated form of femininity, typically through singing, dancing, and lip-syncing. Drag queens often use makeup, wigs, and costumes to create a glamorous and over-the-top appearance. Drag queens are often associated with the LGBTI+ community, and their performances are often seen as a form of …

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Pride Flags

Pride flags are colorful symbols that are used to represent the LGBTI+ community and celebrate diversity and inclusion. These flags have a long and fascinating history, and they have come to symbolize the strength, resilience, and pride of the LGBTI+ community. The most well-known pride flag is the rainbow flag, which was designed by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978. The …

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Health & Healthcare

Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy, also known as “ex-gay” therapy or “reparative” therapy, is a controversial practice that aims to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. This type of therapy is based on the premise that being LGBTI+ is a mental illness or a problem that needs to be fixed, and that an individual can choose to be straight or cisgender …

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Online Dating

Best Gay Dating Apps to Try Out

Finding love or a meaningful connection as a member of the LGBTI+ community can be challenging, especially if you live in an area where it’s not as socially accepted. Fortunately, there are now a variety of dating apps specifically geared towards gay men that can make the process a little easier. Here are some of the top gay dating apps …

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IGLTA: Creating Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ Travelers

The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) is a leading organization that promotes LGBTQ+ travel and tourism. Founded in 1983, the organization has grown to include more than 1,400 members in over 80 countries. One of the main goals of IGLTA is to create a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ travelers around the world. The organization works with hotels, resorts, …

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