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London Trans Pride
London Trans Pride

London Trans Pride 2021 To Go Ahead

Organisers of Trans Pride London have announced the event will go ahead on June 26, commencing at 2pm in Hyde Park, after being cancelled last year due to coronavirus restrictions. In an Instagram post, organisers said the event is an “opportunity to unite our voices against the continued and increasing disregard for trans safety, healthcare and wellbeing in the UK.”


They continued:

“We need to continue to put pressure on the UK government to invest in trans healthcare, accessible bathroom provisions and prison facilities, and to ban forced surgeries for intersex children and other pseudoscientific conversion therapies. They consulted us on our lived experience, and now it’s their turn to listen. Let’s show those in positions of power what networks of care and radical love look like.

We march in memory of all the trans pioneers: siblings, leaders and loved ones who even in death survive so that we can thrive. We march to champion the protection and celebration of BIPOC trans people, trans women, trans sex workers and trans kids. We march for trans life.

Love & solidarity
London Trans Pride”

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