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It doesn’t matter how old you are, we should keep learning something new every day. I enjoy going to seminars and learning new things in my job and at play.

Over the years I have established relationships with various cosmetic providers and have learned so much along the way. I try not to promote one over the other because all have strengths in what they offer. I buy products from 4 different brands. Each offer that one thing(s) that I have found works best for me. Some have great eye shadow colors (seasonal must have colors), Foundation that works with my skin type, texture (sealers), Natural looks, problem areas (concealer) and we can’t forget skin care products(moisturizers, deep line correction serums). Our favorites may change over time as better products become available in particular anti-aging serums, and skin repair regiments.

I was invited to attend a seminar with Trish McEvoy cosmetics. I would never pass up the idea of a cofounder offering lessons in my newest favorite products. This wasn’t just a makeover with some marketing hype it was more than that.

This was a Master class. It is taught once a year for models and woman with gorgeous skin in New York, LA and all over the country. Can you imagine what was going through my head at the thought?

To add to the excitement, “please come with little or no makeup”. I don’t know about you but for me that would be hard. I applied aTriangle_of_Light little foundation, lip color and a neutral eye shadow and that was it. I have to admit you have to rely on some self-confidence here recognizing others would be the same.

When we arrived I felt like I was completely exposed. Fortunately I had only a few encounters with other people before meeting our representative. Immediately after meeting Emily We were put at ease joining some 24 woman in a similar way. My fantasy faded when I gazed around to find mostly middle aged woman and older all seeking to improve their look. It was a fun crowd and I felt at ease as just one of the ladies. We were taken to an area of Saks Fifth Avenue which was set aside for the event, beverages, fruit, pastries were plenty.

For the next three hours I was brought into the world of professional makeup. Facial preparation begins with clean skin. We started by removing all makeup and exfoliation. Next nourish the skin with Serums, moisturizers, and primers.

I was happy to hear why it is important to take the time with proper skin preparation. Healthy nourished, and moisturized skin form the base to build. Primers seal the moisture in while allowing the makeup something to adhere to. The best part is lesser product is needed and it results in a more even covering and a natural look.

With my skin prepped, it was time to watch, listen and learn. The first thing I realized is I didn’t know the tools as much as I thought and they would be so many. The tools of course are the brushes, the eye brushes, Cheek brushes, Foundation brushes and Face brushes all have a purpose and in many cases there can be up to thirteen brushes just for the eyes! Wow, how do you know which one to use…by playing and feel. Don’t get me wrong I have a wonderful set of Sable hair brushes, but only a couple of each type.

This is what you don’t get with a makeover. We had one artist for two girls, the artist would do a little on one side and the student would do the other.

Always starting with the eyes and working your way down. We were shown how to lighten and brighten the eyes with eye base and how to blend for a natural look. We were shown how to highlight or work with our facial features and differing skin tones, very cool!

We were introduced to the triangle of light, the area directly below the eye. If you make a “v” with two fingers one on the inside and outside edges of the eye this frames the area to be lightened. Many may know this technique in other terms but this was simple enough even for me to grasp. You can learn more about the concept at the web link;

The rest was all about finishing the foundation coloring and blending. The completed look finished with bronzing, a kiss of blush on the cheekbone and of course lip color.

Makeup_CaseI really learned a lot of subtle techniques for eye liner application, blending colors to match skin tone, the “cat” eye look and best of all making my skin natural and bright. I always seem to be in a hurry when doing my makeup. Using the right techniques saves you time. During the whole event we didn’t have to do any repairs at all. More importantly I could feel the softness of the brushes caressing my skin completing the process to look and feel beautiful with the final touch of finishing powder!

After the completion of the finishing touches it was time to go over notes. The artist is always good at taking notes on what you liked and didn’t have in your collection. We all want to re create that heavenly experience time and time again.

When attending events such as this, be prepared to buy a few products in exchange for what you have gained. In my case I purchased a beautiful planner with a spring collection not available yet in stores and a few exquisite brushes.

So now I think of the beauty of Taylor swift while using my soft finishing brushes and LOL with a smile knowing those days are long gone but I at least know I’m at my best.

28 January 2013 – Written by Denae Doyle


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