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The Perfect Handbag

The prefect handbag for a transgender woman can be mystifying. How do you know which will be best?

I was asked today during a consult, about which style of handbag to use.

Since most TG women are about 5′ 8′ up, you do want to consider the handbag which is best for a tall to very tall woman. Avoid long skinny-style bags with long straps.

Counterbalance your figure with something broad, slouchy or unstructured such as a HoBo type. Often, I see clients with small bags, and I feel it makes her look taller!

I would purchase a medium size bag.

When buying a purse, look in the stores mirror to see how each purse size and shape looks on your figure type!

It is best to get a purse which matches your shoe or boot color. With Winter here, think of the black purse, black boots, and a long dark coat, and put a scarf with lots of color wrapped around your neck. If you can wear a hat, I always put on a Winter cap, as it is very girlish!

Handbag Tips

It is always better to purchase a purse which zips closed so nothing can be taken out of your purse (or fall out). Another tip is when shopping, use the baby strap in the “cart” to secure your bag, allowing you to walk away from the basket for a moment.

Black is probably your best color. I have several colors in my closet, and my “Go To” seems to be my medium to large black zip with a bottom which has “support brackets on the bottom. This holds your purse up off the floor and it does not pick up dirt or sticky items on the floor.

If I know I will be walking most of the day or visiting someone’s house (not in a store), I carry my black Hobo, which has no bottom brackets. So I hang it on the arm of my chair.

09 January 2013 – Written by Denae Doyle

2013-01-09 05:34:00

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