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MTF Crossdressing

Male to female crossdressing, also known as MTF crossdressing, is something that is gaining in popularity. Many men today are trying this trend and actually have been able to give the look of being a true woman. There are many things that help them to do that including the clothing they use, the hair they wear and the makeup they choose. All of these things make the MTF cross dressing experience more like male to femme transformation. I’ve actually seen many crossdressers before and have had to take a second look to see if that was really a man dressed as a woman. But the people who have been able to accomplish this have mastered the art by following a few simple guidelines that helped them make the transformation complete.

When one decides that they want to try MTF crossdressing they need to understand that just because you want to look like a woman, not everything that is made for a woman will look right on a man. Annoying but it’s true. Most all women’s tops and blouses are made to accommodate breasts which let’s face it, men just don’t have. If you want to make your venture permanent then yes, you can have breast augmentation so that you have breasts permanently there. But if you are simply trying out MTF cross dressing then something that you might try is buy a bra that makes you look as though you have breasts. There are several on the market that can make you look as though you have very natural looking breasts. They will give you not only the look of real breasts but the feel as well.

When shopping for clothes, you might try looking in a store that caters to those that like to crossdress. They will have clothing in their store that is made to look good on a man that wants to look like a woman. Clothing designers know that there is a market for that particular type of clothing need and have tapped into it making stores like this easier and easier to find. Also there are many online stores that you can visit that will have exactly what you are looking for.

Makeup is something that can complete any person that is trying MTF crossdressing. It can give you a look of true femininity but you must know how to apply it. One of the number one problems for men that chose this lifestyle is that they will see a look in a magazine or on someone else and try to imitate it whether it is a look for them or not. They like it so they try it. But what looks spectacular on one person can make another person look as though a clown rubbed faces with them. To avoid that ever happening, try having someone show you how to purchase and then apply the right makeup for you. If you don’t know anybody that can help you then try talking to someone at the nearest makeup counter as they are paid to know what looks good.

Keeping all of these things in mind will make MTF cross dressing something that holds fun as well as creativity. – 2012

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