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Murder Defense Attorneys
Murder Defense Attorneys

Murder Defense Attorneys

If you are charged with murder, your life and freedom are at stake. Given the severity of the penalties, it is crucial to speak to an experienced murder defense attorney, regardless of whether you are innocent.

Criminal defense attorneys have represented people charged with:

  • Attempted murder
  • First degree murder
  • Negligent and intentional homicide
  • Second degree murder
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Capital murder
  • Manslaughter

No matter what charges you face, you deserve competent representation. When facing charges of murder, you should call an Law Office as soon as possible. Under California law, you could face the death penalty if convicted of murder. With so much at stake, you need an attorney you can trust and that is competent.

Preparation is essential in any successful defense against a murder or manslaughter charge. This is true even for those that are wrongly accused of murder. Obtaining police reports, conducting investigations, interviewing witnesses, and gathering other pieces of evidence makes the difference between a careless and a thorough criminal defense.

A good lawyer will investigate your case thoroughly and prepare a strong defense strategy before going to trial.

To learn how you can beat charges of murder and manslaughter and successfully avoid a conviction, call a criminal attorney.

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