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Our English news site is available now

The LGBTI Solidarity in Turkey is now in English for LGBTI+ News Across the Globe

The LGBTI Solidarity in Turkey is ready to be the voice of the LGBTI+ Solidarity in the World.

You can make comments to the news and post your own news and articles because your opinion matters.

You can access to LGBTI news worldwide, comment, publish your news and articles.

The desired categories can be followed on the site where categories such as Lesbian News, Gay News, Bisexual News, Trans News, Intersex News, LGBTI News.

You may support us by sharing the news on your social media accounts.

If you have a blog or website, you may support us by adding a banner or text link to your blog or website in our banner area.

When adding news, you must reference the source , content copied from websites will not be approved. If there is any news available on the Internet, you may send it by editing and commenting. There is no small support. There is just support.

If you want to reach Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex people from all over the world, you may do this by adding your news and articles to the our news site. Because we are better together.

You may instantly see the latest news, members’ comments and reactions to the news on the dashboard.

For more information, [email protected]

Inclusion and diversity is our policy. Now is the time for unity, For Solidarity and humanity.

Welcome to our family.

The LGBTI Solidarity in Turkey

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