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Rainbow Tattoo Ideas
Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

Although the Indians, Japanese, Native Americans and some tribes in Africa used the tattoo as an ornament, in many societies the tattoo was applied as a protective talisman (amulet) against illnesses and evil spirits, the position of the individual in society (slave, master, adolescent, worker, soldier) It is known to be used to emphasize.

The tradition of tattooing is quite old. It was understood from mummies that tattoos were used in ancient Egyptian society in the 2000s BC. Apart from the Egyptians, Britons, Gauls and Thracians also had tattoos. The ancient Greeks and Romans used to make tattoos on criminals and slaves, which they deemed “a barbarian occupation”. Tattoo was prohibited in the Christian faith. In contrast, the first Christians had tattoos on their bodies bearing the name of Jesus or a cross. Centuries passed, Europeans forgot about tattoos. They encountered tattoos again in American Indians and Polynesians on overseas trips in the late 18th century. European languages ​​have taken the word tattoo, which means tattoo, from the Tahitian word tautau. Tattoo became widespread especially among sailors after the early 20th century. Tattoo was widely used to indicate romantic feelings, patriotism or piety, and is still used today.

Tattoos are also used by the  LGBTI+, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex+ Community.

I’ve compiled some rainbow tattoos for you…

If you wanted to have a tattoo, which tattoo did you get? You can comment…




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