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Lesbian Couple, Faye Mallon and Lydia Henshall

Lesbian Couple Forced to Move

Lesbian couple forced from home by homophobic neighbour who saw them kissing in window. Faye Mallon and Lydia Henshall, from Stockport, told how they were forced to leave their home after a campaign of homophobic abuse by Kim Armstrong, who caught them kissing through their living room window According to a report in the Mirror, a lesbian couple suffered homophobic …

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Sexual Safety During Pregnancy Possible For Lesbians Too

Worrying about the safety of sexual activity is not something limited to heterosexual couples. Many lesbian couples worry, too.  Thankfully, there’s generally no reason to avoid intimacy when you’re expecting. However, there may be certain activities your doctor will advise you to avoid if you are considered a high-risk pregnancy. Pregnant lesbians may find the topic of sex to be a touchy …

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Occurs with Same-Sex Couples Too

Same-sex couples are very much like heterosexual married couples. Once the hoopla of the wedding is over and the honeymoon phase has shifted away, they also have to work and invest a lot into keeping the spark alive.  Gay couples have an added incentive that can also bring more weight down on the shoulders of the relationship. The need to prove …

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Adoption by Same Sex couples

Adopting by LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) persons may be done by a single person, couples of the same sex, or by a couple’s partner when the other has a biological child (by step-parent). Fourteen countries have legalized adoptions to couples of the same sex. The main concerns of people that oppose LGBTI adoption are if those couples …

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