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Lesbian Couple, Faye Mallon and Lydia Henshall
Lesbian Couple, Faye Mallon and Lydia Henshall

Lesbian Couple Forced to Move

Lesbian couple forced from home by homophobic neighbour who saw them kissing in window. Faye Mallon and Lydia Henshall, from Stockport, told how they were forced to leave their home after a campaign of homophobic abuse by Kim Armstrong, who caught them kissing through their living room window

According to a report in the Mirror, a lesbian couple suffered homophobic abuse in a hate campaign that forced them to leave their home after a neighbour spotted them kissing through their living room window.

Kim Armstrong, 63, harassed nurse Faye Mallon, 26, and her 27-year-old counsellor girlfriend Lydia Henshall to such an extent that Faye was forced off work with anxiety, and they quit their home in Stockport.

The dad-of-two would regularly hit the couple’s car with his, while his other attempts to intimidate included filling their wheelie bin with medical waste and abusive comments like “fat lesbians”, “f ** weirdos” and “naughty disrespectful girls”.

Armstrong was ordered to obey a three-month electronically tagged 7pm-to-7am curfew, told to complete 20 days of rehab, given a 12-month community order and told to pay £395 in costs and surcharges by Stockport JPs after admitting harassment.

Lydia said their neighbour was “trying to make our lives as uncomfortable as possible in an attempt to make us move”.

She said: “We loved our home and we have spent a lot of money on it and we should not feel like we are being forced out of it. I want to enjoy life without having to constantly check cameras and wonder what is going to happen next.”

Faye told police that problems began after Armstrong “looked through our lounge window and saw us being affectionate towards each other”.

She added: “The ongoing situation has had an impact on my mental health.”

Dave Holland, prosecuting, said Armstrong was seen driving his vehicle into a car belonging to one of the victims.

“It was just a tap where his car touched her bumper but there was some damage,” he said.

One of the victims was putting rubbish in the bin and found it filled with medical waste with one of their names on it.

They spoke to the defendant but when questioned he said, “Yeah right, you fat lesbian f ** weirdo,” before walking off mumbling.

Due to the damage to the car, the complainants were given a hire vehicle but the defendant caused damage to that vehicle in the same way.

One of the victims said to the defendant, “You have just bumped into my car again.”

But he replied, “Am I bothered?” He then said: “You are the f ** weirdos, you pair of fat c****.”

Later, the exact same set of circumstances happened again with the cars.

“The victims have had to move house following this,” said the prosecution.

Armstrong told a probation officer he felt he was the victim of two “naughty disrespectful girls”.

“He is very rigid in his thinking and outlook,” the probation report said.

Steven McHugh, mitigating, said Armstrong claimed he suffered from the girls’ loud music and rows. There were other words exchanged on both sides.

“My client feels aggrieved he is here and they are not,” he said.

“His thinking may be a little distorted by today’s values. He has admitted everything but the homophobic element. There was one phrase, ‘fat lesbian’, but he has not shouted this up and down the street.”

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