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Who Were the First Lesbians to be Legally Married?

There names are Helene Faasen and Anne-Marie Thus, and their civil wedding was approved by the law of the Netherlands on April 1st, 2001. Holland was the first country to approve same sex marriage. First Great Step for Lesbians ”We married for love, not politics. But of course we were aware it was an historic moment” said Anne-Marie Her wife, …

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First Buddhist Lesbian Wedding

The location: Two hundred and fifty guest gathered at the Hongshi Buddhist Seminary outside Taipei, Taiwan. Preparing to meet them were two 30-year old lesbians excited about a marriage that would make headlines world-wide. The Brides: Huang Meiyu and You Yating gathered their prayer beads which would be exchanged instead of rings. They walked out into a Taiwan sky filled …

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Lesbian Hindu Wedding in UK

The marriage is believed to be the first female same-sex Hindu wedding to take place in Leicester, U.K. between Miriam Jefferson and Kalavati Mistry. It was a colourful ceremony as both wore traditional red and white Hindu wedding colours. They also wore floral garlands and ‘mangala sutra’, which is a necklace traditionally tied around the bride’s neck to show she …

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