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Trans Man & Non-Binary Guide

In this article, I would like to talk about the products that make life easier for us as much as I can and the products we use / will use. I think it will be a little long but it is worth your reading.

Most of us have body dysphoria, and it is obvious that we have difficulties in our daily lives. The “binder” comes first among the items that facilitate this. There are those who suffer from severe posture disorders due to chest dysphoria. Many things are used in order not to reveal the breast, but the safest and healthiest of them is binder.

What should be considered when buying a binder?

First of all, the fabric quality of the binder that is not removed for a long time (actually this is wrong) is very important. It should be a breathable fabric, it should not cause allergies. Frankly, there is no place that produces locally produced products with very pleasant qualities. If your budget is not enough to buy from abroad, you can review and buy the products on the “fmtsmalls” page. “Underworks” and “gc2b” companies from abroad are among the best. Many trans people prefer these companies. Apart from that, there are many sellers’ products on Aliexpres, you can choose by looking at their comments here. When using binder, you should try not to wear it for a long time. This is important for your health, in order to avoid allergic reactions on your skin and to prevent serious deformations in the breast structure. In addition, you should not use methods such as bandaging.

If you are still hidden from your family and want to use binder, you can keep it safe by keeping it between your clothes when you are not wearing it.

Our second product, called packer, is used instead of under-pants penis. When you want to show yourself as a man among people on the street, if you don’t want feminine lines to stand out, you can use what is called packer. Before the products sold, you can get help from the videos of making a sock packer at home, which you can easily find on Youtube. When you write How to make a packer, you will see many videos. Even if you don’t speak English, you can easily learn while watching. In addition, domestic and foreign companies produce packers that are realistic. I recommend that you pay attention to the fact that it is not too big when choosing.

Another product after Packer is realistic penises. These are divided into two or three functions for standing peeing and for intercourse. I think there may be many more details, but I do not have very detailed information. Especially if you are going to buy it for a relationship, I recommend that you allocate a good budget and buy a quality product. In addition, if you use lubricant during contact with these products, you should be careful that it is water-based, others damage the product. Using condoms is beneficial for your partner’s health, again, it must be water-based. You can also find many review videos on Youtube, and you can find hint articles on foreign forums. Just start looking for a great paradise for us on Google and ask to learn. I have to say that in realistic products, if you want double-sided pleasure, which is an important thing, there is an apparatus called the pleasure rod developed abroad to enjoy not only your partner but also yourself. You can get an idea by looking at the company’s products and their Youtube reviews. Copies of this product were published recently as a domestic production, but I always favor the original purchase of such things. My first suggestion for Packer and realistics is Peacock firm, RealMagik, TransGuySupply and FTMShopping are others. In addition, many underwear manufacturing companies also sell packers and realistic products. In Turkey, “transfromturkey” account and the newly established tugrealistic I would recommend to you. You can also find many product recommendations on trans pages on Instagram.

Unfortunately, there are no local companies for packers and realistics, as well as comfortable underwear use in our daily lives. There is no sector for trans people in our country yet. The firm that I recommend and my favorite is Rodeoh. You can see all products on their own sites and instagram. It has really high quality and helpful products. Pocket compartment for packer, special hole for intercourse, convenient use. You can understand when you look at the models. Unfortunately, the prices are a bit high for us, but you can talk and request a discount coupon. Another company only for boxer is Woxer. It is a company that started out and manufactures on the female body. Unfortunately, there is no domestic counterpart, but you can look at the models for the relationship and find solutions yourself at home. I guess you can achieve this by buying a narrow boxer, making a hole the size of the penis and stitching the edges? In normal boxer use, I recommend the brands John Frank and Jack Jones, whose designs I like, in terms of comfort and quality. They are really comfortable and do not bother the fabrics.

I want to say a few things about your relationships. Put ourselves in certain patterns

Article by @siriusea

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