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History Of Homosexuality
History Of Homosexuality

When Did Homosexuality Start?

The origins of homosexuality and when it first appeared in human history are not well understood and are subject to debate among scholars. However, it is widely accepted that same-sex attraction and behavior have been observed in various human cultures throughout history.

One of the earliest recorded instances of homosexuality can be found in ancient Greek culture. Homosexual relationships were common among the Greek gods and goddesses, and same-sex attraction was also prevalent among mortal men and women. In ancient Greek culture, same-sex relationships were seen as a natural part of life and were generally accepted, although there were also instances of persecution and discrimination against homosexual individuals.

Homosexuality was also present in ancient Rome, where it was documented in literature and art. However, in contrast to the Greeks, the Romans were more restrictive and discriminatory towards same-sex relationships, and homosexual individuals were often subject to harsh punishment.

In other ancient cultures, such as those in Mesopotamia and Egypt, there is little evidence of same-sex attraction or relationships. In some cases, homosexuality was seen as taboo or even punishable by death.

In more recent history, homosexuality has been documented in various cultures around the world. In the Western world, for example, homosexuality was often seen as a crime or a mental illness until the 20th century, when attitudes began to shift and gay rights movements emerged.

Today, homosexuality is more widely accepted in many parts of the world, although there are still instances of discrimination and persecution against homosexual individuals in some parts of the globe.

Overall, while the origins of homosexuality are not well understood and continue to be debated, it is clear that same-sex attraction and behavior have been present in human culture throughout history.

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