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Homophobia Kills!
Homophobia Kills!

Why Homophobia?

So why do homophobes have such a problem with the whole ‘gay’ scene? Is it ignorance? Fear? Or are they right? Will all gay people be cast down to hell for not doing what nature is supposed to have stated? I doubt it. All we have as proof for that last statement is what is written in a book, or what people believe. People say that because men have a penis they should put it in a women because they are shaped for doing so. Same as women should have accept only men because another women has nothing that could be of substitute. How very wrong. I’m not going to go into the logistics of gay sex for either women or men as you all know how its done. At least, unless you are living in a concrete bunker underground that is.

The word ‘gay’ has a few meanings, but usually it is either an adjective meaning happy and gleeful, an adjective describing a being with preferences sexual or otherwise to another of the same gender or it can be used as an insult to someone. Its a shame that the third use is a one so commonly used, and very often, it is too very little effect. People, ignorant and narrow-minded people, use this to hurt others, especially boys, because it is supposed to be such a threat to their masculinity, their ‘butchness’ if you will. Pathetic.

A guy in my class is a prime example of how ignorance is bliss, uses the word ‘gay‘ as an insult to others, never quite realising that the people he is so readily labelling as a ‘poof’ bite back, and because he is such a little boy, the people who bite do it with such tremendous style. But he joins a majority who thinks 1/5 of the nation are dirty, fudge-packing, butt lovers. You may have noticed something in that last sentence, I’ll move onto this in the next paragraph.

Notice that in the paragraph above I have used derogatory terms like ‘fudge-packing’ and ‘butt lovers’ which are there to describe gay MEN. So how many homophobes like Will would turn down watching a full on lesbian session? Not many. So not only are homophobes who follow the crowd, but most of them are hypocrites. Women who are gay are seen as a turn-on for most straight men, yet men who practice the same beliefs are seen as dirty. I cannot say that homophobia should be accepted wholly by society, there are and always will be people who believe it is too different to belong in humanity. It *is* different, but surely those who believe this should keep quiet instead of spouting the sheer nonsense that they seem to have so readily.

How many actual homophobes have ever experienced being around a fully out gay person? Especially men, as when the gay term is used it is nearly always referring to male on male sex? I doubt many have. People still see the gay women as short-haired and butch, and gay men as someone who wears extrovert clothes, drives a pink car and carries a little handbag. Some gay people fit those stereotypes, but not many. Television programmes like Queer as Folk proved this. They broke some stereotypes, confirmed others, yet portrayed gay people as most of them are, exactly the same as the straight generation. The only difference that exists is who they sleep with at nights.

Homophobia will not die, not at least whilst we live in an ignorant generation. But hopefully, it will decline, leaving only Charvers scratching their heads and trying to think of a new, and just as thick, label to give people who are better then them. And lets face it, that’s anyone who doesn’t drawl, smoke and conglomerate in corners of the playground…

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