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Green Tea For Weight Loss: Fact Or Fiction?

Weight loss, and green tea’s popularity has been hype with regard to the few recent reports on green tea. There is a ongoing debate among the experts of the various green tea varieties or tea types for weight loss. The latest reports suggest that there could be benefits from most green tea types and that any single type of tea may not be such a big thing. That in turn leads one to question “Is Green Tea a Weight Loss Fad?”

The basics

There are four basic types of tea including: Green, Black, Oolong or Wu-Long.

The difference is in the way these teas are processed. teas that are black usually require oxidation which oxidizes the tea color, giving it a rich rich aroma. The processing does not affect the active ingredients of the tea. Green tea which is less processed is less oxidized giving it a more delicate flavor and aroma, this leads to black teas with a more robust flavor and aroma. This is what makes green tea the choice tea for weight loss.

The benefits of green tea

• The primary ingredient is caffeine, which gives you an energy boost, promoting thermogenesis and thus resulting in increased fat reduction.

• Several research has shown that theanine, caffeine and the catechins (chemicals that give green tea its sweet flavor) are all from the leaves. The anorectic and catabolic (break down fat cells) affect by the tea, and are believed to promote weight loss, as the active ingredients speed up your metabolism and help to burn fat faster.

• The antioxidants in green tea also help to protect the body against arrived harmful substances, which in most cases are in the form of free radicals, which are given to the body because of stress, unhealthy eating and even pollutants found in tap water and food.

What kinds of green tea should you buy?

There are three tea types that you can buy. The top of the line being wulong / wulong buds, which are steeped two times before seasoning. The popular Oolong tea, has gotten much media attention recently. Oolong tea comes in bags and also depending on the brand or cartons, as well stir-filled or in solo tea bags.

Tea for weight loss – and other health benefits

Tea, in its naturally raw state, is nutrient rich. It contains powerful antioxidants such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). In addition, green tea contains the modifying polyphenols called Binding affinity proteins. A binding protein is a tag- affiliate protein that unites with a dilute sample of your blood supply to dilute the effect of the sample on your circulation. With the aid of this dilution, the amount of harm to our bodies is reduced. Online sources say that an EGCG study showed that it helps regulates blood pressure, reducing plaques and reducing bad cholesterol.

Tea, in it’s natural form, is rich in many other nutrients than those that are processed or added in the forms of supplements. Other benefits include that it helps prevent certain cancers and may even have been used by the ancient Chinese to treat diseases such as cancer and control theirappetite.

Studies of the effects of green tea on health and diet longevity are still underway. For example, currently in theorbination of tea, the ORAC value is only taken as a measurement of the amount of polyphenols and anti-oxidants present. The study so far has focused on green that is whole plant extracts not just green tea itself. However, from the studies, it would seem that green tea benefits are far more than what has been discovered by the research and testing to date.

Is it really weight loss tea?

Yes, it might be from the “herbs” category of tea, but if you search for reviews on that kind of tea you will find many other kinds of tea, so if it’s green you’ll find a whole new set of benefits.

Some other health benefits of green tea are:

• helps preventBLE nails and belly wrinkles

• protect againstER HEIGHT Accumulation

• protects againstARY2017bs dipped into it

• helps prevent tooth decay and other cavities

• helps combat premature aging• helps keep you cool

• increase your endurance• help fight Teranish disease

• and it’s a natural antibiotic

• and because it contains antioxidants, it’s a very powerful weight loss ingredient.

It seems that green tea weight loss programs are beginning to pop up everywhere. Remember, before you invest in a weight loss tea, research and make sure the product you use is made of 100% whole plant parts and is as pure as possible. Limit your use of supplement tea to three times per day.


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