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Homophobic Hate Attack in Turkey
Homophobic Hate Attack in Turkey

Homophobic Hate Attack in Turkey

Fırat Kaya, known as Firat Delikanli in Aydın, severely subjected the hearing impaired Engin Elekçi to violence on the grounds that he was “gay“. Fırat Delikanlı posted the images on Instagram.

Fırat Delikanlı drew great reaction with his posts on his Instagram account.

It was revealed that Fırat Delikanlı inflicted violence on a hearing-impaired woman with whom he had been before and hospitalized the woman.

He has not yet been arrested.

16:33: Fırat Kaya has been detained!

26:03.2021: A man using the name Fırat Delikanlı attacked to a gay man in Izmit on March 22,  and then shared the images of his violence on social media.

Fırat Kaya and two other suspects were arrested by the court to which they were referred for “attempting to kill a person intentionally”, “depriving the person of his liberty”, “violating the privacy of private life” and “illegally spreading personal data”.



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