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Northern Cyprus Passport
Northern Cyprus Passport

How to Become a Citizen of Cyprus?

There are many questions in the minds of people who want to become a citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, but do not have access to very reliable information on the Internet. The current law on the citizenship of Cyprus has remained in force since 1993. Therefore, the TRNC citizenship law does not seem to be very inclusive. However, you can obtain citizenship in Northern Cyprus by many different methods, you can get an unlimited residence permit. It can be said that it is relatively easy to obtain Cypriot citizenship, especially when compared to other countries. In this article, we will try to provide information about TRNC citizenship transactions that can be obtained by many different methods and methods.

Why is Cypriot Citizenship Important?

Cypriot citizenship is on the eve of becoming a fairly important citizenship. The negotiations between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus, which may lead to a possible merger, make Dec citizenship of the TRNC very important. With the unification of these two countries, the state of Cyprus will become a member state of the European Union, and all island residents will be able to have an EU passport. For this reason, even today, especially many business people are conducting research on the citizenship of the TRNC. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is more flexible about citizenship than many other countries. However, considering that the GKRY sells citizenship for money, it can be said that there is a long way to go. Although there are many differences of opinion on how to get Cypriot citizenship, we will compile for you the seven most well-known methods.

How to Get Cypriot Citizenship?

There are roughly seven different methods of obtaining Cypriot citizenship. With these seven different methods, you can apply for TRNC citizenship and get Cypriot citizenship. These are roughly,

    • Citizenship of the TRNC by means of parents of Cypriot origin
    • Obtaining citizenship of the TRNC by law
    • Naturalization by adoption
    • Becoming a TRNC citizen by birth
    • Citizenship of Cyprus by marriage
    • Obtaining TRNC citizenship by ministerial decision
  • Obtaining citizenship exceptionally in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers

These seven different procedures are the methods determined within the framework of the laws. Now, let’s examine one by one how you can become a citizen by these methods.

Mother or Father of Cypriot Origin

Every child born to a mother or father of Cypriot origin has the citizenship of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. If the child, who was born in a family of Cypriot origin, wants to get out of citizenship when he turns 18, he is also offered a choice.

Citizenship of the TRNC by Law

By law, everyone who has lived as a resident of Cyprus since November 15, 1983 has the right to obtain citizenship. In addition, relatives of people who participated in the Cyprus Peace Operation also have the right to apply for TRNC citizenship.

Citizenship by Birth and Adoption

All children born within the borders of the TRNC, even if the parents are foreigners, will be considered citizens of Cyprus. In addition, adopted children will also have citizenship of Northern Cyprus if there is no strict provision about their parents, if they have not committed a crime.

Becoming a TRNC Citizen by Marriage

When a TRNC citizen marries a man or woman, TRNC citizenship can be obtained if they live in Cyprus for a certain period of time and remain married. These people also have residence permits in the TRNC for the duration of their marriage. There are many people who have received TRNC citizenship by marriage.

Citizenship of the TRNC by Ministerial Decisions

persons who have lived in the TRNC for 5 years without interruption, who are over the age of 18 and who are deemed to have the necessary basic qualifications can access Cypriot citizenship by decision of the Ministry. In particular, people who invest in the real estate sector and houses for sale in Cyprus can apply for citizenship by living in Cyprus for 5 years along with residence permits that they can obtain. At the same time, in exceptional cases, the council of ministers of the TRNC may allow a particular person to become a citizen of Cyprus by considering his application.

Obtaining a Residence Permit by Investing in Real Estate in the TRNC

When you invest in the TRNC real estate sector, when you buy a house for sale in Cyprus, you can also get a residence permit. Especially for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, the TRNC provides great facilities. Cyprus, which requires that Turks who want to obtain Cypriot citizenship reside in the TRNC for 5 years, provides facilities for people who invest in real estate on a residence permit. Then, you can fill out the 5-year period required for Cypriot citizenship by means of residence permits.

How to Become a Citizen of Cyprus?

Cyprus, one of the few holiday and educational havens in the world, is a country that attracts the attention of many people with the different advantages it offers. Now people have begun to crave to live in Cyprus. Due to the development of infrastructure and the commissioning of some projects, many people also began to ask the question of how to become a citizen of Cyprus. In general, we have compiled this article in order to answer the questions about it.

Cyprus, which is the choice of those who like a warm climate with its sea, sand, history and nature, has become a remarkable location with new projects. People are now forming queues at consulates to get a Cyprus Residence Permit. The island country with a beautiful climate is a region where sea lovers love it. After obtaining a residence permit, living here is usually on the agenda. Therefore, they also want to apply for citizenship.

Cyprus, where life is cheap, easy and always enjoyed by holidaymakers, is the center of people’s life due to its many advantages. Becoming a citizen of Cyprus depends on some rules and conditions, as in many countries.

Conditions for becoming a citizen of Cyprus?

  • Being born from a Cypriot mother or father
  • Citizenship acquired due to the law
  • Citizenship born when adopted,
  • Being born in Cyprus
  • Marrying a Cypriot citizen
  • To become a citizen by a decision of the Ministry

It is worth mentioning a little about becoming a citizen of Cyprus by the laws contained in the above-mentioned styles. 67 of the citizenship issues specified in the TRNC Constitution.article 15 of the Article includes those who have been living in Cyprus since November 1983.

In order to become a citizen of Cyprus, it is considered sufficient to become a minor and reside in Cyprus for 5 years. In this way, the transition to Cypriot citizenship is achieved and this issue is ensured by law.

During the five-year period, the person must have left the island for a maximum of 40 days. For those who are left out of more islands, the process begins with a renewal.

Thanks to the conditions that will be provided, you can become a citizen of Cyprus and enjoy all public and international rights granted to citizens of the country. After obtaining Cypriot citizenship, all the rules, sanctions and facilities applied in the country will now apply to you as well. While there may be different crossings at this stage, information may be requested from consulates for these.

How to Become a Citizen of Cyprus in this content? we tried to answer his question step by step.

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