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Lesbian Couple
Lesbian Couple

Is Lesbian Dating Getting Easier?

Would it ever actually be fair to say that finding a woman to date is simpler than finding a mate of the opposite sex? In a nutshell I think yes, dating women or at least finding a woman to date can be a lot easier sometimes.

I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone that the dating scene is an easy place to be but I can also say that many of the lesbians I know are capable of hopping from one relationship to another if they choose to.

With so many lesbian fish in the diverse sea there are actually more opportunities for us to find our perfect match, with so many of these little fish getting more confident in approaching each other more freely. Let’s face it, we are intrigued by each other.

Smalltown girl?

Small towns mean that the scene may be smaller or even practically nonexistent. Look a little closer and yet again the connections that our community are famous for are ever present. Your friend knows a lesbian who is dating another woman who knows three other ladies who happen to know some others. Sounds familiar? This is how we mainly forge our connections.

Our sexuality automatically means we have something sort of unique in common with each other before we even broach the topic of hobbies or general interests. These details almost become irrelevant as lesbians are generally more likely to overlook these facts in order to get to know the person before them instead.

It’s possible that making more of an effort to get to know the other women out there happens among lesbians because it’s feared that another woman-loving woman won’t be found again for a long time. This is something rarely done amongst heterosexuals which, in ways, limits dating options or even variation in their partners.

At the risk of totally stereotyping I’d like to also mention how acceptable it is for someone in a group of lesbian friends to have dated the majority of their peers. It’s practically expected that lesbian friends have been or want to be more than just friends which further expands the lesbian dating pool. This behaviour is often frowned upon by heterosexuals but us lesbians are able to date our friends happily because judgement is so rare.

Dating through mutual friends or even dating friends opens our world of dating so much. The fact that we are so open to dating people of various backgrounds, personalities and interests also broadens our options so much.

I left the dating game many years ago but I can still see the same patterns occurring constantly and they still seem to work.

We’re settling down more than ever before and I think our variety in dating is helping us to know we are ready.

Source: Queer Life Sout Africa

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