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Tips to Help Gay & Bisexual Men About Dating & Relationships

10 Tips to Help Gay and Bisexual Men Make Better Choices About Dating and Relationships “Check in” with yourself to understand what’s behind your motivation for dating or being in a relationship. How much are you affected by others’ opinions of you based on whether you’re single? Do you feel more alive when you’re involved with another guy? Are you genuinely …

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Lesbian Couple

Are You Lesbian or Bisexual?

Sexuality is full of labels, the most prominent being straight or gay. As a society we love to live in boxes or to be labeled so that we feel part of some kind of group; it helps us to become comfortable with our way of life. At some point in your existence you will find yourself thinking, “Oh I like …

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Online Gay Dating Safety

Much as I think online dating services are a great way to meet men, there is to a degree a darker side to these places. But then, you could also say the same about any other place that men go to meet other men. However, one of the things about online dating services, pick up spots, chat lines and other …

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Gay Dating

7 Things Every Gay Should Take On A Date

Here are a few suggestions or tips, on what to take with you on a date. (These dating tips are in no particular order…). 1. Your humor – A must. Guys don’t want to go out with sour-pusses. 2. Condoms and lube. You never know, but it’s best to be prepared. Personally, I try to refrain from sex on the …

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Dating for Male-To-Female Transsexuals

1. If you date men, you are always in potentially fatal danger. Be aware. 2. Make certain, before you even consider a date, that your partner is FULLY aware of your status and is not significantly bothered by it. Never date anyone who does not know about you. 3. Be aware that in our society, men who are secure enough …

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