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Listening and Speaking Like a Woman

As a woman, always listen while making eye contact which is something men generally don’t do.

Nod often with your head while maintaining the eye contact. Observe how men often do not maintain eye contact OR use an open smile.

Hillary Clinton is a good example when she is listening to another. Her head nods up and down continually! Watch, the next time you see her. She is telling the person they are important, or that she may agree with them to set them at ease.

Practice, by seeing how long you can make eye contact before glancing away. Also, remember to smile in a mirror, a larger smile than you’re comfortable with. Again, men generally do not smile using an open mouth. Remember to, tilt your head. All these tips will help you look more feminine and the man will feel more at ease!

20 March 2013 – Written by Denae Doyle

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