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Why do many transgender people use electrolysis?

Many transgender people use electrolysis to remove their body hairs and facial hairs permanently. Electrolysis is good because your will have hairless forever as a transgender. You want to look feminine and be a passable transsexual woman so you go for electrolysis instead of waxing weekly. It is wise to go to a cosmetic place to get electrolysis. Many cross-dressers …

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LGBT Health

LGBT Guide to Healthy Living

Obviously, being healthy won’t fit into a week or a month alone, but it’s a place to start. LGBT health is a big issue for each of us individually and as a community. Our health needs are sometimes the same as everyone else’s and sometimes different; and there’s a lot to consider. To get us all moving in the right …

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Gay and Coming Out of The Closet

Coming out is actually quite fun!

Like most other teenagers, who turn out to be gay, the last couple of years I’ve gone through hell! It took me till I was about 18 to realise that I could not go on the way I was living any more and would have to come out. I suppose i’d known for a few years, at first thinking it …

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Lotus Sky, Show Your Colors

Show Your Colors

In light of Pride Month, Lotus Sky’s latest single “Show Your Colors” premiers today. The single is a powerful and celebratory anthem that rejoices in one’s uniqueness in the rainbow of creation, and the unity in diversity that the rainbow represents, bringing vibrant, fresh energy to uplift the world. The single “Show Your Colors” is invigorating with big drums, powerful …

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Jerusalem Pride, 2021

Jerusalem Celebrates Pride Parade

Thousands of people marched in Jerusalem’s pride parade on June 3, marking a return to the celebration of the LGBTI+ community a year after it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people marched through Jerusalem on Thursday in the annual Pride parade, celebrating LGBTI+ rights in the conservative city amid heavy police security. Chanting for equality and …

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