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Cervical Cancer Risk for Lesbians

The risk factors for developing cervical cancer are the same for all women regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation (LGBT Health Education .org). That said, bisexual women and lesbians are ten times less likely to get tested for cervical cancer. Regular screenings, however, have been shown to be the best way to catch it early when treatment options and outcomes are the best. …

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Transgender Activists & Radical Feminists Battle On Social Media

There’s something trending on Twitter but also offline. Both transgender activists, and feminists who do not view trans women as women are debating online and on college campuses. #TERFs (trans exclusionary radical feminists is a hashtag being used and is a pejorative term used on Twitter to describe anti-trans feminists. Anti-sex work, anti-porn, anti-trans feminists seem to be reappearing from …

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What Gay Men Think About Masculinity

Masculinity is a big deal in gay culture. Not only is it a force that crushes many “effeminate” gay men with unnecessary ideals, but it also impels gay men to avoid and disdain other gay men that do not meet their own standards. Studies have shown that the gay male image of masculinity is based strongly on ideals like a muscular …

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Gender Roles in LGBT Relationships

A Cornerstone of LGBT Identity or an Obstacle to Equality? A blog post from 2009 on “Sex, Gender and US society” carefully delineated some of the gender roles that are known well to certain circles within the gay community. Words such as “butch”, “bear”, “femme”, or “twink” may not be familiar to LGBT individuals that are not as socially active with other …

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Gay Black Men’s Pressure to Conform Leads to Higher HIV Risk

Familial and cultural pressure to conform to expected masculine behaviors leads gay black men to engage in riskier behavior, therefore increasing their risk of contracting HIV.  This is according to a report out of the John’s Hopkins Children’s Center and published in Science Daily. This community of men feel distress and social isolation, according to the report, which may contribute to …

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