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Lesbian Couple
Lesbian Couple

Tips for Lesbians Seeking a Love Life Boost

Do you feel a little bored with your life? Or, maybe even feel like it’s a chore? That’s not what anyone wants when it comes to sex. It’s okay. It’s normal to go through periods of time when you’re somewhat stuck and need to put a little more effort into spicing things up.

Spend time together
It’s wise not to assume things will work out on their own.  You need to put some effort into creating a more satisfying love life.  Mark your calendar and set aside an entire day for the two of you to explore each other completely — mind and body.  Both of you may be pleasantly surprised about what you discover.

Kiss for awhile
Why don’t both of you spend a lot more time kissing, without worrying about doing anything else?  Often, lovers spend a lot of time thinking about the end result. You may find that if you spend time kissing, you’ll become much more intimate and sex will be phenomenal.

Don’t become too comfortable
You and your lover need not become victims of lesbian bed death.  Make sure to spend some time away from each other once in a while; make your own friends, and just socialize.  A little bit of time away from each other will make you both appreciate one another that much more.  Of course, this appreciation and excitement will extend to the bedroom.

Buy some toys
Even the thought alone and the decision to purchase a good toy is exciting.  If you’re both inexperienced, check out some websites that sell adult toys, and communicate about what turns you on.  Maybe start with a dildo, which is pretty versatile. If you decide you want to go all out and use a strap-on for sex, do that, too. It’s your choice, and that can be arousing on its own.

Pick out a good lube
This is important to use on your sex toys, but also in general.  It can be rubbed in all sorts of sexy places and is even more arousing if you choose one with stimulant properties.

Incorporate some massage into your love life.  Make sure to explore every inch of your lover’s body. Using lotions and oil makes it that much better. You may discover new places you both like to be touched.

Dress up/Role play
You might decide to go for some power playing if you’re in a respectful, trusting relationship.  This may strengthen your trust towards each other.  One person playing the dominating role can be incredibly arousing.  You may also choose to use costumes and uniforms.  Invite a light-hearted sense of humor to set the mood.  Laughing together can be sexy…and maybe you’ve always been turned on by a woman in uniform–here’s your chance to make that happen.

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