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You're Not the Only Lesbian in Town!
You're Not the Only Lesbian in Town!

You’re Not the Only Lesbian in Town!

Whether you’ve grown up all your life in a quiet, sleepy little town and just “Came Out”, or you’ve moved to the back of beyond with your partner, there’s no need to feel that you are the only lesbian – or lesbians – in town! It may seem like a sleepy, little place full of retired citizens and schoolteachers, but there’s a whole underground world out there that you haven’t explored! You’ll be surprised just how many lesbians come out of the woodwork when you know where to look. I reveal the easiest ways to find out what lesbians get up to in your local area and just how to hook up with them!

Look Online for Lesbian Groups
Something of a huge advantage to you is your PC. No home is complete without one nowadays, so get online and search for local lesbian groups in your area. It often happens that lesbians who live in remoter areas outside of major city centre gay and lesbian populations, make friends and meet up regularly by forming groups. They may just be groups that have trips to gay bars and clubs, or they may meet for a specific purpose. For example, there could be some lesbian art classes or lesbian literature groups. Just join one that sounds like your cup of tea; there’s no point in joining an art class if you hate drawing and lack any attention span! Many of them will mail out regular newsletters that you can subscribe to. These newsletters will tell you all the up-and-coming events that you can attend.

Lesbian Holidays
There are lots of companies that help to bring lesbians together by arranging lesbian-only holidays. This may only be camping in your local camp site, or walking in the nearby countryside, but if it gives you an opportunity to meet likeminded people then it’s well worth investigating. These tend to be inexpensive so don’t worry about having to take out a loan to meet other lesbians. All you’ll need is a tent, sleeping bag, and a bit of money towards food and drink, and you’ll probably have the time of your life. You never know, they may be organizing a trip to the next Gay Pride event and what better way to celebrate your sexuality than with new found friends!

Local Lesbian Bars and Clubs
You may laugh when you read this but there will probably be lesbian bars and clubs nearby to you. Sometimes they are secretive, or very well hidden, but they do exist. Once again you should use the internet as your resource as this will be able to tell you where the nearest bars and clubs are in your area – it may take you a few minutes, or a few days, to find these online, but, if you search long and hard enough, you will find them. If it feels a bit daunting heading out on your own then take a gay-friendly straight friend. They’ll probably have a whale of a time, and it will give you the opportunity to meet new people and mix in with lesbian crowds. You never know, people who you actually know may even be there; you just never knew they were lesbians!

Internet Chat Rooms
There are a lot of people out there that feel isolated from the lesbian world because of where they live, and many of them turn to internet chat rooms to find solace and comfort. However, once they step inside their first chat room they find that there are several people who live within a few miles radius of their own home chatting away! This can be a really useful way to make new friends, and potential partners. Just make sure that you can trust them implicitly before arranging to meet with them – as there can be some very sad and strange people online. You will also find that many lesbian chat rooms have message boards where you can add your own message. Why not try putting up your own asking for contact from people who live in your neck of the woods? You’ll be surprised just how many people reply!

Lesbian Magazines
You should also subscribe to lesbian magazines. They will be full of articles to keep you up to date with what’s going on in the world of lesbianism – and, quite often, they have events pages or pages of people looking for friends or relationships. You may even stumble across an advert for a local lesbian group. It’s well worth the few dollars it will cost you once a month!

Set Up Your Own
Alternatively, if all else fails and you just can’t find a group that appeals to you, or is even close by, then why not set up on your own? It’s not difficult! Offer a newsletter, set up a mini website or blog, and wait for local lesbians to start contacting you. You may need to advertise in local papers, or national magazines, if you want to organize trips or events, but you’ll be surprised just how many people will want to join!

There are so many lesbians that live near to you; you just don’t know it yet!

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