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Trans Rights Are Human Rights
Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Trans Women in Turkey

Being a transgender in Turkey means carrying a burden on your life. Unfortunately, the situation of transsexuals in our country is very bad. society is not knowledgeable. families are not knowledgeable. Transvestites and transsexuals are only shown in our society when it happens. Transvestites are shown screaming and calling on the news. In a humiliating way. (‘The guys are on the stage again!’)

When this society watches these news, they realize that this is what transsexuals are all about. The society is starting to see Tu poop as an alien creature.

Unfortunately, nowadays, there are quite a lot of transsexuals who are locked up in their homes. They were afraid to go out. The fear of harassment, the fear of insult, the fear of violence… After that evening, let him do sex work. Transsexuals were taken to the police car without question…. “I am not a sex worker” is futile in the pattern. They are taken to the police station and fined for nothing. Moreover, a non-sex worker transsexual experiences this when she leaves the house to go to the grocery store. And they don’t even ask how they will pay this fine. “If you are a sex worker, work and pay ..!” is called. By cutting this punishment; It is not known whether they realize that they are pushing these people to sex work once again… As they are not given normal jobs.

Transgender people are murdered at a young age. Even his own brother kills his brother just because he is a transgender. What is honor.! His family refuses. transsexuals are condemned to live alone. You have no love and no family. These people are not given any other chance than sex work. Why because transsexuals! The others! Even when you want to rent a house, high rent is required. “You are transsexual, you have to keep that house, you have no other choice …”

This situation is really a deeply bleeding wound for our country. However, many things can be done. If families and society are informed, situations can improve further. But unfortunately, there is no one in a high office. Nobody wants to hear or ignore the voices of transgender and homosexual people reproaching….

In public, when they see a trans woman on the street, they are greeted with sarcastic glances, harassment, swearing, and greedy looks. People stuck with a theory that they don’t have it in my family, it can’t be transsexual. But don’t transsexuals have a mother or father family? Being transgender in the family means that this family is dishonorable?

People, society, families should be told that a transsexual can also come from their families. People should be told that this is not a choice, that it is not a wannabe, transsexuals are not guilty in this case…

In our country there are millions of gays, transgenders, transsexuals, lesbians….

There is just a blind report on  transsexual murders. But when heterosexual individuals are murdered, programs are made for days, (of course, no human being deserves to be a victim of murder, even if heterosexual, (don’t be misunderstood) homosexuals should have the same rights.

Who knows? Who knows that one day your brother, sister, brother, child, will not be homosexual?

I hope that one day both transgenders can live humanely in our country.


Offered by Trans Azranil. 07/2013

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