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Are You With the Right Lesbian Partner?

These, in my mind, are just basic common sense and loving ways to treat anyone. If your partner has these traits, then you are very fortunate. As they are read, it is a good check list to know if your darling is treated the same way by you.

1. She doesn’t try to change you. She likes the fact that you both have things in common, but you are your own person. She respects the fact that you want your own bank account.

2. She pays attention when you speak. She may not always agree with you, but you are the centre of her life.

3. Even after years together, she treats you like she was dating you. Flowers arrive and little gifts surprise you and it isn’t your birthday or any special occasion.

4. While you are not glued together, she misses you when you are gone.

5. She is genuinely interested in your family and isn’t a tag-along.

6. She is honest with you. Her feedback may not always please you, and she won’t be pushed around, but she is your best friend and loyal supporter.

7. She is not controlling or jealous. She wants you to have private time with special friends. Ex-girl friends are not suspiciously viewed but are welcome.

8. She lets you vent. She may argue strongly with you but is not vicious.

9. She enjoys your company, but may need time for herself. She seeks compromise on difficult issues – and often she ‘will agree to disagree.’

10. She is faithful and will not cheat on you. Being with her is a joy.

Paula, 2014,

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