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Gay Couple
Gay Couple

Gay Origins

Many people believe that homosexuality is a new thing that came about in the 20th century and also assumes that it came from America. But after reading various sources i start to realise that homosexuality has been part of the human race since the start of time and even has been in the UK before the birth of Christ.
In many of the ancient civilisations, homosexuality has been featured in the Native Americans and Polynesians cultures and in British history, there is evidence that homosexuality featured in very high society and even in Royal circles.

The earliest date in UK history where Homosexuality is mentioned is when The Greek Historian, Diodorus Siculus described the ancients Celts as ‘homosexual’ as they loved each man and would would offer themselves to other men.

Many Kings from the 11th Century up to the 18th century have been rumored to be Gay, Richard ‘The Lion Heart’, Edward II, James I and William of Orange.

It was not until the mid 19th century that homosexuality got some publicity. The author, Oscar Wilde first published a book featuring male homosexuality in 1891 and then EM Foster, a gay author starting writing books and produced a novel called Maurice which was released in 1970 after his death.

Many people consider Gay people only coming into existence since the late 70s, late 80s and wrong are they. From the beginning of the 20th century many professional people were Gay, Francis Bacon – the painter, Alan Turing – the mathematician who broke the Nazi Enigma code, and many more.

Since the British government de-legalised Homosexuality many famous people have come out the ‘closet’ and that’s where people started to be aware of Gay people. In America (USA, Canada and Mexico) homosexuality was rife within certain tribes, Native Indians and civilsations. The Aztecs of Mexico recognised homosexuality and even named a god after it Xochipili and Eskimos performed homosexual acts as people have reported.

On the record the first instance of homosexuality between ‘civilised’ Americans was when Gertrude Stein recorded her homosexual experiences in a novel. In the 1920s the civil rights movement formed by Henry Gerber for homosexuality which was formed and later repressed by the police but continued to gain momentum till 40 years later, Illinois was the first state to decriminalize Homosexuality.

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