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Does Islam Support the Burning of Homosexuals?

I read that a 2015 Moroccan magazine cover asked the question “Should homosexuals be burned?” Is burning considered as a means of execution in 2015? Here is the answer from a Question and Answer Islamic site: islamqa.info/en/38622 Below is the question asked on this website. What is the punishment for homosexuality? Is there any differentiation between the one who does …

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LGBTI+ Teens

Is Sex Conversion Therapy Ever Ethical?

Sex conversion therapy, or reparative therapy as it is also known, has been a source of ire and controversy in the LGBT community for years. Everyone has days where there are things that they wish they could change about themselves. Certainly it comes as no surprise that there are people that would like to profit from offering the opportunity to …

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What is Gender Identity?

Gender is a primary category in which individuals both identify themselves and are identified by others. Gender is not a set of binary categpries, but rather a spectrum. The concept of gender can be restrictive in many ways. People are generally expected to identify as a particular gender, the one which has been assigned to them, and act in specific …

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Defining Sex and Gender

The following definitions form a helpful guide to understanding issues around gender dysphoria. Physical Sex: To what sex do the organs of the body match, i.e. male, female or hermaphrodite. Gender: is expressed in terms of masculinity and femininity. It is largely culturally determined and effects how people perceive themselves and how they expect others to behave. Gender Identity: The …

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By and large, the transsexual condition is referred to, and often dealt with, as a sexual problem. Gender identity and sexuality are two separate aspects of our lives. Yet, it is amazing how many people have trouble conceptualizing the difference. Since transsexuals began approaching the medical community after W.W.II, the general view of those practitioners was one of taking a …

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