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LGBTI events banned in Ankara

In the written statement made by the Governorship, it was stated that “activities such as cinema, cinema, theater, panel, conversation, exhibition will be held by various social media and written and visual media organs by LGBTT and various non-governmental organizations under the name of LGBTI.” specified. The statement included the following statements: “With the aforementioned posts, it is possible that …

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+18 Alert for Rainbow Themed Products

Ministry of Commerce in Turkey: Sale of LGBTI and Rainbow-themed products without a +18 warning is illegal The Advertising Board within the Ministry of Commerce decided that LGBTI + and rainbow-themed products should be offered for sale on e-commerce sites with the phrase +18. In the news published in Cumhuriyet newspaper, in the article sent on the subject, it was …

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Homosexuality in the Ottoman Empire

Especially Most of them are slim waist and tall. As they surrendered, they showed softness with each limb. Gelibolulu Mustafa Ali is a famous Ottoman historian who grew up in the sixteenth century. He was born in 1541 in Gallipoli. He started his education at a young age and graduated from the madrasa at the age of twenty. He was …

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Bogazici University

Boğaziçi University’s LGBTI+ Studies Club Closed

According to the news of Bianet, Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun has shared a decision with the signature of rector Melih Bulu and announced that Boğaziçi University’s LGBTI+ Studies Candidate Club...

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Swedish Migration Agency Officers Loves Vacations

When you have lost all your expectations, you can only care about your life; I mean “breathing, eating and sleeping” without any feeling, like an animal. I am a gay man from Turkey, the vacation paradise for most Europeans and tourists. I don’t know if we can calculate an “average human lifetime”, but if it were 75 years, I already …

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Call to Rectorate of Hacettepe University

Call for morality to Rectorate of Hacettepe University for their unlawful behavior! The call for action which addresses Hacettepe University Rectorate’s oppression and censorship towards queer research and LGBTI+ students is published. The call for action which we also signed is as follows… We are in solidarity with our fellow students against systematic oppression and censorship policy of Hacettepe University …

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Trans Women in Turkey

Being a transgender in Turkey means carrying a burden on your life. Unfortunately, the situation of transsexuals in our country is very bad. society is not knowledgeable. families are not knowledgeable. Transvestites and transsexuals are only shown in our society when it happens. Transvestites are shown screaming and calling on the news. In a humiliating way. (‘The guys are on …

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