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Gay and Bisexual Men and HIV Risk

Should the Education System Feel Responsible? The discussion of homophobia and the actual risk of HIV to the population is always a heated debate, but it becomes a muddier and more frustrating topic when words like “men who have sex with men” (MSM) and “bisexual” are used—and these words are used frequently in studies conducted by the Center for Disease …

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Rabbi Daniel Asor

Israeli Rabbi: COVID-19 Vaccine Will Make You Gay

Rabbi Daniel Asor told his followers in a recent sermon that they should avoid being vaccinated against COVID-19 as doing so could “turn them” into homosexuals, according to Israel Hayom. The Rabbi shared conspiracy theories with his followers, claiming that the vaccines are manufactured by a “global malicious government,” the Jerusalem Post reported. Daniel Asor’s claimed that the “malicious government” …

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Swedish Migration Agency Officers Loves Vacations

When you have lost all your expectations, you can only care about your life; I mean “breathing, eating and sleeping” without any feeling, like an animal. I am a gay man from Turkey, the vacation paradise for most Europeans and tourists. I don’t know if we can calculate an “average human lifetime”, but if it were 75 years, I already …

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Nicholas Yatromanolakis

Greece’s First Openly Gay Minister

Nicholas Yatromanolakis has made history by becoming Greece’s first openly gay minister in a cabinet reshuffle in the center-right government. Nicholas Yatromanolakis, 44, has been promoted from the position of general secretary at the ministry to become the new minister of culture. Alexis Patelis, the Greek Prime Minister’s chief economic advisor said in a tweet that, it was a “historic …

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Messaging Apps

Gay Dating Apps

Gay dating apps such as Grindr, Tinder, Jack’d and many others have numerous benefits; one benefit being that they bring a community of people together who would otherwise not have a way of connecting with one another and another benefit being that they allow for a person to chat with potential dates and/or browse through profiles for a mate while …

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Gay Dating

Dating Advice for Gay Men: Gay Dating Sites

3 Tips For Choosing a Dating Site That’s Right For You: Any gay college stud has already seen the crowded field of dating sites available from any computer, laptop or mobile phone these days. If you haven’t discovered online dating, do yourself a favor and browse around a bit because it really does simplify a lot of the social requirements …

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Hygiene And Aging

Let’s face it, we humans are visual creatures and we live within a culture that is obsessed with looks. No matter what our age, our race, our nationality, or what our creed is, we as a people are constantly pressured by the media and by celebrity culture to stay fit and young looking. This constant pressure to stay young makes …

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Homophobia Kills!

Dealing With Homophobic Family

Dealing with homophobic people in general is difficult, but when those people are your family it hurts. Unfortunately, in most cases, you will not be able to change the views of your homophobic family members regarding your sexuality, especially if their homophobia stems from their religion. The best you can do is to temporarily distance yourself from said homophobic family …

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Gay and Coming Out of The Closet

Gay and Coming Out of the Closet

There are few set rules to this often harrowing experience, mostly there are merely guidelines based on the experiences of others, but from the knowledge of many of those experiences, including my own, this article has been written with an aim to help those considering “coming out”. Of the few rules there are, one hard and fast one is to …

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Marriage Equality

Where Is Gay Marriage Legal?

Gay marriages, often also referred to as same-sex marriages, have been a contentious issue all over the world, especially in countries, where both the debate and debaters are to interact at a very public forum. Over the years, many arguments have been put forward in support of and against the legalization of gay marriages, each based upon by a volley …

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