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Gay Relationships

The Human Drive To Connect

By our very nature, human beings are social creatures. We want to connect with other people, surround ourselves with others who are similar to us and feel a part of a community or group. We want to feel that we are not alone.

The “gay community” is a large and diverse collection of individuals, looking for different kinds of connections. You might be looking to meet other gay men with interests similar to yours, for friendships or dating. You may be looking for sexual partners, or perhaps a long-term monogamous relationship or gay marriage. You may be unhappy with a partner or spouse, facing the difficult decision of if or when it is time to end the relationship. Whether you are seeking to re-evaluate a current relationship, create new connections or end current ones, relationships are still about your ability to connect with other people.

Finding Other Gay Men

With technology, it now seems easier than ever for you to make connections with other men, but the online world has its’ pitfalls. Connections can be made and broken easily, and in some cases the connections themselves are little more than online illusions. How do you find the types of men and relationships that you want? How do you present yourself to your best advantage? How do you manage the contacts that you make, and how do you turn superficial connections into meaningful relationships? Whether blogging, tweeting, posting, advertising, chatting or camming, your ability to find the kinds of relationships you want comes from an understanding of how the online world works, and how the relationships you find can be nurtured and sustained. Whether looking for an instant hook-up or hoping to find the perfect match to build a gay marriage, we strive to find the people that fit into our lives.

Gay Relationships and Age

Relationships can be a particular challenge for older gay men. If you are an older gay man, you may experience isolation, a sense of not belonging or not being part of mainstream gay community. The desire to connect, have loving relationships, enjoy great sex and appreciate other loving individuals does not diminish with age. In fact, those relationships become even more important as we age because often they are the primary source of support for an individual. How do you make the most of your own gay aging (“gay-ging”) and foster the types of relationships to make your life better?

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Guide For Gay Men

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