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Islamic School for Transgender People in Pakistan

First Transgender Islamic School in Pakistan

A madrasah “islamic school” for trans people was opened for the first time in Pakistan. Rani Khan, who taught the Koran in the first madrasah for transgender people in a country where the ‘third gender’ was officially recognized and the Transgender People (Protection of Rights) Act passed parliament in 2018, said, “Most families do not accept transsexuals. They throw them …

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Kaaba Image With LGBT+ Flags

LGBT+ Flag Case: 2 Students Released

Two detained defendants were released in the trial in which seven students were tried for a collage work in which LGBT+ flags were placed on the image of the Kaaba at an exhibition at Boğaziçi University. Two students, Doğu D. and Selahattin U., who were convicted of inciting hatred and enmity, were released due to the exhibition of an anonymous …

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Belgium Deports Homophobic Turkish Imam

According to reports in the Belgian media, the imam of the Green Mosque in Houthalen-Helchteren, near the city of Genk, shared a discriminatory message on his Facebook account that “homosexuality is a disease, causes decay and is banned by Islam”. Imam also recalled the controversial anti-homosexual preaching of the President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş. He also thanked a follower …

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Does Islam Support the Burning of Homosexuals?

I read that a 2015 Moroccan magazine cover asked the question “Should homosexuals be burned?” Is burning considered as a means of execution in 2015? Here is the answer from a Question and Answer Islamic site: islamqa.info/en/38622 Below is the question asked on this website. What is the punishment for homosexuality? Is there any differentiation between the one who does …

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